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Nachrichten / Jahrgang 2001


Prof. Perry zu den psychotraumatischen Folgen des WTC-Attentats

Anläßlich des Attentates auf das World-Trade-Center hat uns soeben folgende E-Mail der ChildTrauma Academy erreicht. Bruce Perry und Mitarbeiter betonen aus langjährigen Erfahrungen die Bedeutung der Traumaforschung für das Verstehen und die Behandlung der dramatischen psychischen Auswirkungen auf die überlebenden Opfer, aber auch auf die Helfer und Zuschauer.
C.M. (Sept. 01)

Dear Friends,

The tragic and horrifying events of September 11th have touched us all.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families whose lives
have been shattered by these terrorist acts. There are no words that can ever
take away such profound pain. Our hope is that we can help those most
devastated cope with these terrible experiences.

In this regard, we have worked with hundreds of children and their families
shattered by traumatic experiences over the last 15 years. They have taught
us a great deal about resilience, courage and the tremendous challenges of
maintaining and restoring normal life following catastrophic personal trauma.

As many of you know, this work has led us to write a series of articles to
help caregivers, teachers and parents better understand some of the effects
of exposure to trauma on children. These are not comprehensive materials;
they complement many other excellent resources available online and through
various organizations.

We know that "expert advice" will not take this pain away. But it is our hope
that this information will make it easier to help those closest to this
trauma carry its inevitable burdens; and for the rest of us that this can
minimize the confusion, helplessness and distress that we will feel.

We have created a set of new materials for children, parents and teachers and
will revise some of our original materials to better help the victims of
these attacks.

**You will find these new materials at the bottom of our home
page at

We are very thankful to our partners in these efforts: Digital Consulting
and Software Services, Scholastic, Inc., the Alberta Mental Health Board and
Powered, Inc. All of these organizations have contributed expertise and
resources to help us provide the most rapid, efficient and effective response
that we can.

We encourage you to use these resources; and let colleagues, friends and
family know about these materials. Feel free to download, copy and
distribute them in any manner you think will help.

As we continue to create and modify materials to help, we will post them in
various forms on three sites:; ; and .

Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director, Children's Mental Health Services
Alberta Mental Health Board
Senior Fellow, ChildTrauma Academy

Jana Rubenstein, M.Ed., LPC
Director, ChildTrauma Academy

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